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01.05.2011 - Inter-mobile completes new round of financinf

01.07.2011 - Danew, a portfolio company, launches into PC Tablets

Why is our strategy unique?

NexTFund targets sectors that fit with the partners' own professional experiences:

  • Innovative companies with proven, proprietary technologies (including CleanTech/Renewables) potentially addressing rapidly expanding global markets.
  • Service Companies with external or organic growth drivers (including Innovation and CleanTech)
  • "Traditional" companies where we believe applying Technology/CleanTech innovation can create new product lines and/or better-cost optimization.
  • CleanTech driven innovative companies
  • Renewable infrastructure innovation-driven companies

Key focus: CleanTechs, Innovative solar energy driven companies are one of our targeted areas for investment.

Primary targets are privately held SMEs within 20 M€ annual revenue. 

The Fund will proceed on an investment when we believe the target's top management is top notch in its field, has a significant stake in the company and is eager to monetize its leadership. 

We aim at investing at the "inflexion point" of the life of the company, typically the moment when the target needs help and capital to accelerate its growth and further scale up its business.

Typical growth acceleration catalysts can be internal or external and include for example acquisitions, new product introductions, geographical expansion, new distribution channels or capacity expansion. Besides providing the required growth capital, NexTFund's value-added is in assisting the target's top managers in accelerating growth, improving the company's profitability and identifying and managing a clear path to liquidity.


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