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01.05.2011 - Inter-mobile completes new round of financinf

01.07.2011 - Danew, a portfolio company, launches into PC Tablets

Why is our strategy unique?

In an environment where Private Equity teams tend to adopt similar investment styles, we do believe there is a compelling opportunity to pursue a differentiated strategy in innovation-driven companies. We devote money and energy when strong interaction and financial resources are equally important.

We are an independent team composed of entrepreneurs and financiers solely dedicated to the growth of the companies we invest in. We come in at the "inflexion point" and we invest often in a stand alone mode in Technology (CleanTech/Renewables is a sweet spot), Services and Traditional companies with innovation drivers. We take the time needed to understand the business before we invest and spend time with the team following each investment we realize. We typically come in when the target company needs grey help and capital to accelerate its growth and further scale up its business.


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